Dienstag, 6. November 2012

Review on eBay wig (PICTURE HEAVY)

Hello everyone! :) I just got my new grey wig I ordered from eBay and I LOVE IT! Like I wrote in my last post I will do some reviews on eBay items I got the last weeks! My 3rd box of lashes isn't here yet so I will start with the wig! I bought in on eBay more than one month ago. It took way too long until I finally recieved it so I am a little bit disappointed! The seller's eBay name was: yuanfen2012 So the picture for the wig was this:
I recieved the wig like this:
They said there will be a gift with the wig and it was the wigcap :)
So the inside of the wig looks like this so you can control the size :
The wig looks like this:
So the comfort is pretty good! The wig looks quiet natural and the same as in the describing picture from the seller. With flash you still can see that it's a wig (Picture with flash is on the bottom of the post) There is enough hair and you can style it the way you want! The bangs are already cut so it's a little minus. Still the shipping took way too much time! I contacted the seller and he offered me to wait one week until he pays the refund. SO I give this wig 4/5 points! I would recommend to buy on eBay if you have enough time to wait for the item! But take care with the seller! Look through the feedback first! So today I also took pictures of me wearing the wig *_* Take a look ^-^
Here's the wig with flash:
So when I recieve my 3rd pack of lashes I will blog about the cheap eBay lashes, too! I hope you all have a nice week and take care of yourselves! BTW: THANK YOU FOR 100 FOLLOWERS ON TUMBLR!!! <3 HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! <3