Samstag, 28. September 2013


Hello my dear readers! ^-^
Today I wanted to blog about random stuff of the last days :)
First thing to start with: I am now making my own accessories!
I am still learning how to make it good-looking though I already love my accessories!
This is my first hairclip EVER!

It's still not as clean and pretty as I want it to, though it's my first item! *^*
After even considering to buy at taobao and other "cheap" sites I was surprised by the high shopping service fees and the expensive shipping :(
Since I am a poor student I decided to give it a try and make things by my own!
It isn't only a nice hobby, it's a good thing for me, too, since I don't have to pay that much and the items are in my taste :)
Today I bought a couple of items so I can make more and more accessories:

I was happy to see the hot pink material since it looks the same as the material ma*rs uses for their hot pink accessories *^*
Also I bought a toy bow..I am still a kid inside..XD

I had the time to "style" my hair :)
Since I have Prisila hair pieces it's a little bit complicated to style them differently.
They are already perfect and the look changes by putting on different hair pieces.
Here are some examples btw with my first self-made hair bow :D

Normal school makeup and different hair styles *^*
This difference can make only one hair piece and if I style them another way it can look like this:

Hair is really difficult for me right now since I don't want the same hairstyle all the time :/
Though I really LOVE my Prisila hair pieces I think I need extensions to make something with my own (brown) hair :)

Thursday was a very sad day for me..I was feeling down and so I put on dark makeup!
After going to school with it I though it would actually look good with some of my wigs *^*
And these are the results:

Which style do you like the most?
I think I should wear makeup like this more often!
So that's actually it for this time! ^-^
I hope to blog again next week, though I am on vacations for the next 2 weeks *^*
I hope you all have a good time <3

Mittwoch, 25. September 2013

It's all about improvement!

Hey cuties! <3
Today I wanted to show you my gyaru "improvement" since I started it in summer 2012 :)
My first try to put on gal makeup with CL and bottom lashes was in spring 2012:

Before I practiced with eyeshape and the right eyeline etc.
When I got my first bottom lashes (Dolly Wink No.6) and my first CL (Princess Mimi Apple Green), I was on fire to try it properly!
Eventhough it was my first try with gal make I am still satisfied with the result!

Summer 2012:

I had light blonde hair and I experimented with my own hair and tried to find the perfect makeup!
Also I was shitty with editing my pictures XD I thought I look good with a softened nose and such xD
Well I was pretty wrong! :D
Autumn 2012:

After a bad breakup I dyed my hair brown again!
Though my makeup skills got worse haha
Winter 2012:

I started to experiment with makeup and different styles :)
Also I got my first brand dress from Liz Lisa! I still love it so much!

Spring 2013:

The moment I got my first hair pieces I was totally in love with them! I was so happy that the time of hair damaging has stopped!
Eventhough I said in the beginning I won't wear wigs for gyaru because I want to put effort in my hair, I really changed my mind after the tons of damage I did to my hair :c
Also I practiced lighter makeup and prefered it back then.

Summer 2013:

Well this summer quiet a lot happened!
I tried to find myself, dyed and redyed my hair, bought my bloved Prisila hair pieces to stop the damage I cause with the non-stop dye-actions and experimented with styles and makeup!
I clearly prefer himekaji and agejo, though I got more in to agejo :3
I could post thousands of photos but I think that's not necessary :D

The last few months:

The last few months I got even more into agejo and started to me obsessed by ma*rs clothes XD
I really LOVE ma*rs!!

And the newest pictures:

This is me right now:
Trying to find another makeup style that suits me!
Now that I own many different clothes, accessories and hair pieces I can use it to find something I like.
I will try out new hair styles, makeup and coords!
Right now I am satisfied with my makeup and hairstyling and I will improve it even more
If I look at old pictures I can see that I stopped to edit in a crappy way (mostly I don't even use anything else than filters) and that I improved my makeup pretty much.
I don't want to sound stuck-up but I am somehow proud of my improvement!
I am happy to share it with you guys ^-^
A happy week to all of you <3

Montag, 23. September 2013

EOS Trinity Blue Review :)

Hi everyone ^-^
Today I will review my new blue lenses that I got from

Diameter : 14.8mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.8mm
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal

I really loved how the shipping was absolutely fast and without problems!
They chose the fastest way so I could get the lenses after only 2 days and with a tracking no.!
It was well packed and I was very satisfied *^*

So shipping was perfect and fast for me!
♥♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥ (5/5)


Like you see the design is very pretty and unique!
It's not a natural design but I like it! Also it's still visible on your eyes!

So I tested the comfort while I was on my friends birthday party :)
While I have problems with tearing up a little or just getting headaches and itchy eyes with lenses in general, I had no complaints with those!
They were still comfortable after wearing them for hours and I even played Wii with them and had no problems at all!
I was really surprised that they were so comfy *^*
♥♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥ (5/5)


In daylight:

In flashlight:

While wearing them on the party:

My friends complimented me for my "pretty eyes" :D I really like the design and the color is also visible!
Since they were REALLY blue I was surprised in a positive way!
♥♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥ (5/5)

As you can see in the pictures the lenses enlarge your eyes pretty much!
They are only 14,8mm Diameter but WOW!
If you're looking for really HEAVY enlargement I would prefer other lenses, but those are perfect for people with small eyes like me ^-^
I am very happy with the enlargement:
♥♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥ (5/5)


I am very satisfied with this experience!
The lenses are no only comfortable, but also totally pretty and even visible on my dark eyes!
If you're searching for cool new blue lenses they would be a great choice!
I am really really surprised that I had no problems with comfort while wearing them so I am really lucky to have them *^*
I hope my review could help you to decide :)
Have a nice week <3

Sonntag, 15. September 2013

Birthday Party

Hi everyone ^^
After last weeks more serious post it's time to post about not so serious stuff again!
I went to my friend's birthday yesterday and her wish was that I look FULL Gyaru!
I was pretty stressed because I had no idea which style I should choose!
In the end I decided to wear my white GOLDS Infinity dress *^*
Also I took the chance to wear my new lenses *^*
Unfortunately I wasn't able to make photos of my outfit, but I made some of my outer wear -.-
Yeah I'm very smart..forgetting the most important stuff >_<
So here are some pictures:

My outer wear and hairstyle *^*

Me and my cute friend *^*
She is a really nice girl and sooo pretty :o

My friend cutting the cake *^* Such a beauty <3

My mobile phone's pictures ^-^ I don't really like pictures of me smiling but this is okay I guess XD

And my Canon Cam pictures of myself *^*
I really like the lenses *^* So happy that I got them!!

We had very much fun and we made some sushi *^*

So this was actually my post for today :)
I am writing a lens review on those beautiful blue lenses next week!
I hope you all have a nice week!