Samstag, 28. September 2013


Hello my dear readers! ^-^
Today I wanted to blog about random stuff of the last days :)
First thing to start with: I am now making my own accessories!
I am still learning how to make it good-looking though I already love my accessories!
This is my first hairclip EVER!

It's still not as clean and pretty as I want it to, though it's my first item! *^*
After even considering to buy at taobao and other "cheap" sites I was surprised by the high shopping service fees and the expensive shipping :(
Since I am a poor student I decided to give it a try and make things by my own!
It isn't only a nice hobby, it's a good thing for me, too, since I don't have to pay that much and the items are in my taste :)
Today I bought a couple of items so I can make more and more accessories:

I was happy to see the hot pink material since it looks the same as the material ma*rs uses for their hot pink accessories *^*
Also I bought a toy bow..I am still a kid inside..XD

I had the time to "style" my hair :)
Since I have Prisila hair pieces it's a little bit complicated to style them differently.
They are already perfect and the look changes by putting on different hair pieces.
Here are some examples btw with my first self-made hair bow :D

Normal school makeup and different hair styles *^*
This difference can make only one hair piece and if I style them another way it can look like this:

Hair is really difficult for me right now since I don't want the same hairstyle all the time :/
Though I really LOVE my Prisila hair pieces I think I need extensions to make something with my own (brown) hair :)

Thursday was a very sad day for me..I was feeling down and so I put on dark makeup!
After going to school with it I though it would actually look good with some of my wigs *^*
And these are the results:

Which style do you like the most?
I think I should wear makeup like this more often!
So that's actually it for this time! ^-^
I hope to blog again next week, though I am on vacations for the next 2 weeks *^*
I hope you all have a good time <3


  1. Awh you look so gorgeous! <3 I love that bow you made :3 Can't wait to see what more you can do!

  2. Wahh~ I think it's a super cute hair bow! >u< I want to try making my own too!
    Have fun on vacation!

  3. I cannot decide between the picture with the gray hair and with the blond/caramel one. Both styles look really good.
    And yeah I know how you feel about taobao.. the shipping is always so horrible expensive. I really like your first bow. Please tell me when you open your shop ahah xD Joke, but seriously, for your first time it is really good :)

  4. you look good with dark make up, it fits ^-^ ~
    and the hair bow is cute :3

  5. Thank you everyone T_T <3 I'm trying my best! I already made some more accessories ^-^ Will post them in the blogpost when I'm talking about selfmade things :)
    Thank you for reading and commenting, makes me really happy *^* <33