Mittwoch, 25. September 2013

It's all about improvement!

Hey cuties! <3
Today I wanted to show you my gyaru "improvement" since I started it in summer 2012 :)
My first try to put on gal makeup with CL and bottom lashes was in spring 2012:

Before I practiced with eyeshape and the right eyeline etc.
When I got my first bottom lashes (Dolly Wink No.6) and my first CL (Princess Mimi Apple Green), I was on fire to try it properly!
Eventhough it was my first try with gal make I am still satisfied with the result!

Summer 2012:

I had light blonde hair and I experimented with my own hair and tried to find the perfect makeup!
Also I was shitty with editing my pictures XD I thought I look good with a softened nose and such xD
Well I was pretty wrong! :D
Autumn 2012:

After a bad breakup I dyed my hair brown again!
Though my makeup skills got worse haha
Winter 2012:

I started to experiment with makeup and different styles :)
Also I got my first brand dress from Liz Lisa! I still love it so much!

Spring 2013:

The moment I got my first hair pieces I was totally in love with them! I was so happy that the time of hair damaging has stopped!
Eventhough I said in the beginning I won't wear wigs for gyaru because I want to put effort in my hair, I really changed my mind after the tons of damage I did to my hair :c
Also I practiced lighter makeup and prefered it back then.

Summer 2013:

Well this summer quiet a lot happened!
I tried to find myself, dyed and redyed my hair, bought my bloved Prisila hair pieces to stop the damage I cause with the non-stop dye-actions and experimented with styles and makeup!
I clearly prefer himekaji and agejo, though I got more in to agejo :3
I could post thousands of photos but I think that's not necessary :D

The last few months:

The last few months I got even more into agejo and started to me obsessed by ma*rs clothes XD
I really LOVE ma*rs!!

And the newest pictures:

This is me right now:
Trying to find another makeup style that suits me!
Now that I own many different clothes, accessories and hair pieces I can use it to find something I like.
I will try out new hair styles, makeup and coords!
Right now I am satisfied with my makeup and hairstyling and I will improve it even more
If I look at old pictures I can see that I stopped to edit in a crappy way (mostly I don't even use anything else than filters) and that I improved my makeup pretty much.
I don't want to sound stuck-up but I am somehow proud of my improvement!
I am happy to share it with you guys ^-^
A happy week to all of you <3


  1. You've certainly come a long way! I love MA*RS too, everything from that brand is just so pretty ^__^ I'm excited to see you grow even more <3

  2. You're always so sweet <3 Ma*rs is pure perfection, but sometimes it's just sad how TINY those clothes are o.o When I have to fit with my D's it turns out to be sad..I resewed my first ma*rs set because it was too small after a while :D