Montag, 9. September 2013

Real Talk / Motivation

Hi everyone!
Today I wanted to talk about some things that bother me for a long time now!
It's about girls being forced into unhealthy ways of living.
Everything I write is just my opinion and my experience, I don't want to offend anyone!

After seeing a friend breaking down I just have to write about this!
So many girls think they are too fat or too ugly..and it really breaks my heart!
I see how the people nowadays are confronted with the need to be PERFECT.
What they don't get is, that they should find their own image of perfection!

What makes me angry the most about this world are pictures like this:

WHO gives someone the right to label ANY of these girls?
Pictures like this give girls an unrealistic view on their body and make them feel bad about themselves!
A story out of my life:
I saw this picture two years ago when I had a little bit more weight.
When I saw it I looked at myself in the mirror and said directly "OH NO I AM THE FAT ONE! OMG! "
Not because I felt fat or I thought I look fat before...just because this picture showed me something that isn't true and I believed it!
I think many girls got problems like these..and I really feel sorry for them, since there is so much bad influence out there..
Confidence is something that got lost in nowadays society!
Eventhough many people act confident, some do things just to please everyone else!

I am a really tall girl and therefore I am not build like a petite girl.
When I was younger I had a really male body type..wide shoulder and no hips!
I got picked on because of my height, because of my body and because of many other things!
What can I say?
I got a female body and gained a little weight..and still people tell me I don't look good!
I have boobs, I have an ass, I have a tummy where organs need to fit in, I have wide shoulders, I have hips and I have damn wide thighs!
But..WHERE is the problem with this?!
Am I now not supposed to feel beautiful, just because I don't fit into someone else's image of beauty?!
I feel comfortable with myself and I think EVERYONE else out there should feel the same about himself!

You don't like your body? You think you're too fat or not attractive at all?
Before you do anything about it, think for yourself:
What is beautiful to me?
What do I like about other people?
What do I like about myself?
Am I really not good enough for my OWN expectations?

When you decided to lose weight, please don't stop eating and do it the healthy way!
Don't forget to:
Drink enough water during the day! It's very important for your body!
Maybe make a small workout everyday!
Eat healthy in moderation!
And if you don't feel comfortable anymore with any type of diet you do, just don't make it!

There are many female body types and you don't have to be ashamed about your body type!
There's not an unnormal body type!!
A couple of pictures I found useful to feel better about myself:

I hope this could motivate someone to think about their lifestyle!
Even if one person get a little bit more confident about his/her body I am happy!
Next week I am going to blog about some outfit/makeup things again :D
This just had to be said!
Have a nice week!


  1. I totally agree with you! please share this on my motivation group in FB. this needs more readers. XOXO Rina♥(^0^)/

  2. Couldn't agree with you more, well said ^_^

  3. Du hast in allem Recht was du schreibst! Ich reg mich jedes Mal auf wenn Freundinnen sagen sie seien zu fett oder wenn sie meckern dass sie wieder 1 oder 2 kilo zugenommen haben.
    Mir ist mittlerweile egal was die Waage sagt. Solange ich mich wohlfühle vom Aussehen her bin ich zufrieden. Und ich wieg z.Bsp. mehr wenn ich Sport mache als wenn nicht also soll man nicht nach dem Gewicht schaun.

  4. Thank you for your support! I think it's a very important topic that everyone has to think about :) <3

  5. Ich bin eine Banane .. glaub ich

    nein Scherz, aber ich finde es gut, dass du eine der wenigen bist die Dinge noch real sehen und auch deine Meinung so offenkundig vertretest. Ich selbst bilde mir immer ein ich muss noch 10 Kilo abnehmen und der Grund liegt sicherlich eher bei den Medien als an meiner wirklichen Umnwelt

    Danke für diesen wunderbaren Eintrag <3

  6. Sparkling Future: Haha naja gibt bestimmt leute, die etwas krumm sind :x Ich danke dir wirklich, dass du dir das durchgelesen hast und dir darüber gedanken gemacht hast :) Ich glaube weniger von dem, was ich von dir gesehn hab, dass du es nötig hast soviel abzunehmen! Aber wenn es dir wirklich besser damit geht, will dich ja niemand aufhalten! ^-^ Ich finds heutzutage einfach nur noch Schade, dass jemand in den Magerwahn getrieben wird und ich bin wirklich froh, dass ich selbst schnell genug erkannt habe, dass es egal ist ob ich dick oder dünn bin, solange ich unzufrieden bin mit meinem Leben und das Positive nicht sehe, werde ich auch nicht glücklich :) ICh hoffe das mehr Leuten sowas klar wird :)
    Vielen Dank fürs Lesen!! <3