Sonntag, 10. August 2014

Review: GEO Nudy Blue by MapleLens

Hi everyone!!
I am trying to blog again so I wanted to post a Review of GEO Nudy Blue Lenses today. I received them from MapleLens very fast so I could try out a Psyche Gal look with them :D

First off:
I am a customer for 2 years now and I am always happy that I get my lenses so fast!!
It takes not more than a week for them to arrive with Express shipping that costs ca 7 Euro!
They were packed well and the cute lens cases are an extra I always enjoy *^*

5/5 POINTS for Shipping and Package!

The Lenses

You can find them here: CLICK!

Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal

I wore those lenses 4 hours everyday for three days and there were no problems with them. I had to use eye drops to keep my eyes from being irritated, but that's an issue I have with my eyes and lenses in general :D
All in all they were comfortable to wear, they didn't hurt or irritate my eyes!

4,5/5 POINTS for Comfort

Look and Design

I am VERY HAPPY about the look those lenses give me! My eyes get an awesome light tone when I wear them and they fit especially Gyaru-makeup very well!!
It doesn't look quiet natural, so I would recommend them for Cosplay or Gyaru Makeup or just to look noticeable!
Still the lenses are a great purchase if you want to give your eyes a special look.

5/5 POINTS for Look and Design

The Lenses in natural light:

The Lenses with artificial light:

The Lenses with camera flash:

And my natural eye color just to compare:

Eye Enlargement

So my eyes are pretty small and it looks kind of weird when I wear too big lenses! Even when I enlarge my eyes with makeup it does look weird mostly and I prefer to buy lenses that don't enlarge too much!
When I got the GEO Nudy Blue I was kind of scared that they would look too big on my eyes, but I was positively surprised.
The enlargment is not HUGE, it's not like your whole eyeball is full of the lens, but it's BIG and with BIG I mean BIG!
They make your eyes look BIG but not in a creepy way and that's something I find very positive!

4.5/5 POINTS for Eye Enlargement


It was a pleasure to try those lenses! They fullfil my gyaru makeup perfectly and I want to wear them all the time!
I had some small problems with some lenses in the past and there are some that really hurt and dehydrate your eyes after a couple of hours, but those lenses are pretty good!
I would give them 4.5/5 POINTS in general because they are pretty comfy and damn good looking!

In the End some Worn-Pictures:

So I hope I could help you with my review and hope to make another blogpost soon again ^-^

Have a nice week!

Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014

Are replicas worth it? (Prisila)

Hey cuties
I decided to make a post about Replicas today :)
I am using Prisila products for a couple of months now and I also own a couple of replicas.
I started to notice complications with the replicas already in the beginning, but I got some tips from my readers and could fix the hair pieces for a little period of time ^-^
What happened after that was pretty easy: while my original pieces are in an awesome condition my replicas are not useable..AT ALL!
Now to start with the story:
I bought replica extensions from Prisila (the girl told me they were replica and I got them for a fair price!)
They looked totally okay and I couldn't even see the difference towards the real thing :)
After wearing my replicas more than 2 times, even for a short period and not outside, I had to wash them because they tingle really easily!
The extensions were EXTREMELY damaged after this! I finally could saven them, but not without visible damage:

I used a special wig comb to comb the extensions and still it had damaged parts like this.
So after I wore them for the MeetUp in Frankfurt I had to wash them again and now they are damaged and not to rescue anymore :(
My wig comb broke while I desperately tried to comb out the tingles and even after using special products (I bought Wig Conditioner and Shampoo)and following tutorials of how to untangle wigs with normal conditioner or fabric softener it couldn't get better :( !
I even broke another comb :(

Now the extensions look like this:

That's the drama about my own Prisila replica extensions :(
But what I want to point out here is: Are those replicas really worth the money?!
Just a comparsion between the real deal and the replica:
The real thing is this:

It has a good structure and the hair is full and looks real! Also the inside of the hair piece is done nicely!

Now the Replica of that item:

Less hair, bad structure and needed some work until it looked real...also very hard to care for! The inside of the hair piece is definitely not as good as the original one:

Even if replicas look somehow nice in the first moment, especially because you can get them on taobao very cheap, I wouldn't recommend them.
And this is why:
This is a Volume Wig from Taobao:

If you use it seems like you won't pay that much:

BUT there are of course shipping costs from the shopping service to your adress and depending on the items weight shipping costs from 12 USD (I just assumed this piece is 200 g) up to 25 USD for this one hair piece
So if we pick the cheapest method it would be about 30 USD for a hair piece!
You can wear it about 5 times and then you can throw it away :(
An original Prisila piece costs a lot more!
My Volume wig (the same as the one I took for this example) was worth 5000Yen!
With a shopping service for Rakuten, where you can get Prisila things, too, you would pay about 55 USD for this hair piece and you can wear it for a year or longer if you take good care of it!
So 25 USD that you save with the replica that you can't even wear that often :/
Do you think this is worth it?
I honestly don't think this is worth it!
Thank you for reading and I hope I could help you a little bit to get to know more about Replicas and their quality!
Of course there can be good replicas, too, but me careful with what you buy!
Have a nice week everyone <3