Sonntag, 10. August 2014

Review: GEO Nudy Blue by MapleLens

Hi everyone!!
I am trying to blog again so I wanted to post a Review of GEO Nudy Blue Lenses today. I received them from MapleLens very fast so I could try out a Psyche Gal look with them :D

First off:
I am a customer for 2 years now and I am always happy that I get my lenses so fast!!
It takes not more than a week for them to arrive with Express shipping that costs ca 7 Euro!
They were packed well and the cute lens cases are an extra I always enjoy *^*

5/5 POINTS for Shipping and Package!

The Lenses

You can find them here: CLICK!

Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal

I wore those lenses 4 hours everyday for three days and there were no problems with them. I had to use eye drops to keep my eyes from being irritated, but that's an issue I have with my eyes and lenses in general :D
All in all they were comfortable to wear, they didn't hurt or irritate my eyes!

4,5/5 POINTS for Comfort

Look and Design

I am VERY HAPPY about the look those lenses give me! My eyes get an awesome light tone when I wear them and they fit especially Gyaru-makeup very well!!
It doesn't look quiet natural, so I would recommend them for Cosplay or Gyaru Makeup or just to look noticeable!
Still the lenses are a great purchase if you want to give your eyes a special look.

5/5 POINTS for Look and Design

The Lenses in natural light:

The Lenses with artificial light:

The Lenses with camera flash:

And my natural eye color just to compare:

Eye Enlargement

So my eyes are pretty small and it looks kind of weird when I wear too big lenses! Even when I enlarge my eyes with makeup it does look weird mostly and I prefer to buy lenses that don't enlarge too much!
When I got the GEO Nudy Blue I was kind of scared that they would look too big on my eyes, but I was positively surprised.
The enlargment is not HUGE, it's not like your whole eyeball is full of the lens, but it's BIG and with BIG I mean BIG!
They make your eyes look BIG but not in a creepy way and that's something I find very positive!

4.5/5 POINTS for Eye Enlargement


It was a pleasure to try those lenses! They fullfil my gyaru makeup perfectly and I want to wear them all the time!
I had some small problems with some lenses in the past and there are some that really hurt and dehydrate your eyes after a couple of hours, but those lenses are pretty good!
I would give them 4.5/5 POINTS in general because they are pretty comfy and damn good looking!

In the End some Worn-Pictures:

So I hope I could help you with my review and hope to make another blogpost soon again ^-^

Have a nice week!


  1. Omg, theyre so so cute, and they really fits you, love your make up XOXO

  2. They suit you so much! Beautiful as always

  3. I had the same pair in grey, but they felt so uncomfortable, so I didn't get much use of them, even though they are so pretty T.T I'm glad you don't have that problem, since they look so nice on you :D

    1. Have you tried to put on eyedrops? I am always uncomfortable with lenses and those were not perfect but I could wear them without any problems with eyedrops :) But it's really a pitty that some lenses are just not wearable :( Especially because those look so perfect T_T