Sonntag, 25. August 2013

My vacations and a little makeup update :)

Hi everyone!
Finally I got the time to write a short blogpost :)
I am SO busy at school right now! I have 8-10 hours of school every day and only the weekend to chill out :(
I wanted to post a little bit about my vacations this summer *^*
I was in Crete, Greece and it was AWESOME *^*
Our hotel was very good and we had rooms directly by the beach *^*

This was our view out of the room :)

It felt like paradise and the food was awesome, too :)

At first I was VERY motivated to put on nice makeup and look good :)
This was my look when I left to the airport:

And this is how I looked like when I arrived at Crete:

I look tired and stuff but the makeup was pretty strong :D
I am very happy with my Estee Lauder makeup! :)
First I was VERY white XD I could have been paper!
But after a couple of days I got a nice tan!
(This is actually a photo for my bf because I wanted to show him my ma*rs set XD
But it shows my tan a little bit ^-^)

What I liked the most about my vacations was the food :D
I am eating SO much! And I am not even ashamed :D
This dessert was served on the first day I went there:

It was so tasty T_T I miss the food there sometimes :(

Now to my little makeup update *^*
I love those purple lenses and I wanted to put on a cute yet heavy makeup with those lenses!
So I took the chance and tried it ^-^
Here's the result:

And after putting on my hair pieces I looked like this:

I am very happy with the result and I hope that I can make new picture with my Canon soon :)
I hope you all have a nice week <3
Hope to see you soon on my first Circle Lens review next week :)

Sonntag, 18. August 2013

ma*rs addiction! ^-^

Hi everyone!
I just had great vacations and I'm full of energy ^-^
Tomorrow school will start again for me and I have to work hard since it's my last year >_<
So I decided that I could make a blogpost today :)
Lately I am really addicted to ma*rs stuff >_<
I can't help I just see something and then I NEED it!
So I grew a little collection over the past few months ^-^
Here is my ma*rs wardrobe:

I really love all the things I already got *^*
Also I got my Prisila half wig from the Rikkaboshi Giveaway *^*
I really like it!!
Some crappy pictures >_<

I really have to put on gyaru makeup more often I already forgot how to put on lashes XD
Next blogpost will hopefully be about my vacations ^-^
Also I am thinking about doing a makeup tutorial soon ^-^
AND!!! I can't comment on my blogposts anymore o.o I don't know why >_< hopefully it's just for some posts T__T
Here's a picture from today that I took with the Purikura-App "Decopic" *^*

Have a nice week everyone!
Hope to see you soon <3