Sonntag, 18. August 2013

ma*rs addiction! ^-^

Hi everyone!
I just had great vacations and I'm full of energy ^-^
Tomorrow school will start again for me and I have to work hard since it's my last year >_<
So I decided that I could make a blogpost today :)
Lately I am really addicted to ma*rs stuff >_<
I can't help I just see something and then I NEED it!
So I grew a little collection over the past few months ^-^
Here is my ma*rs wardrobe:

I really love all the things I already got *^*
Also I got my Prisila half wig from the Rikkaboshi Giveaway *^*
I really like it!!
Some crappy pictures >_<

I really have to put on gyaru makeup more often I already forgot how to put on lashes XD
Next blogpost will hopefully be about my vacations ^-^
Also I am thinking about doing a makeup tutorial soon ^-^
AND!!! I can't comment on my blogposts anymore o.o I don't know why >_< hopefully it's just for some posts T__T
Here's a picture from today that I took with the Purikura-App "Decopic" *^*

Have a nice week everyone!
Hope to see you soon <3


  1. awww you've got awesome things!! And you look great.

  2. Need I say that you are gorgeous? :)
    I'm so in love with your MA*RS collection! <3333 I'm going to finally get me some MA*RS stuff soon~~~~

  3. gorgeous as always and ma*rs suits you really good!

  4. i love all your stuff*^*!! super envy XD!!

    you're fabolus honey, i hope to read other posts soon^^!!

  5. Thank you everyone <3 Somehow I can't reply individually on every comment >_< But thank you for all your kind words <3333

  6. So many amazing clothes <3 I'm jealous.