Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

This blog will come to life again!

Hey cuties!
Since I am moving to another place right now I don't have much time the next few days but I decided to give this blog a new design and also got many ideas about the things I want to blog about in the future!
Eventhough I am recently not attracted to dress or look gyaru I still know that I will be back some time sooner or later :D (Actually I think I just get pissed off bye the lack of opportunities to look different in gyaru style that I have)
Please don't worry and thank you for still supporting me!
I've never thought that so many people would support me with their kind words and messages!!
Right now my Youtube account is down and so is my twitter! I will concentrate on my blog and my facebook page in the future ^-^
What my plans for the future are:
-Hosting a Giveaway (when I have moved and everything is somehow normal again)
-Making a Make-Up tutorial (as soon as I feel ready to wear Gal-Makeup again)
-Reviews about products I chose
-More blogposts about personal experiences and recent events :)

If you have any things you would like to see me blog about, please just tell me!
I am glad to receive any feedback!
Thank you for reading and a nice weekend to all of you!


  1. Awh good luck! Can't wait to have you back <3

  2. I want to give my blog a new design for the comeback also but I found that I'm too lazy to XD

    I'm looking forward to see more of your post.