Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

Time Out?

Hi everyone!
I think there are enough people out there who felt the same as me right now ^-^
I was already pretty pissed off by so many things going on in the Gyaru-community
But seems like it's not enough!
Today I woke up and I realized that I had not even a little interesst in putting on gal-makeup or styling my hair or something!
That's nothing unusual except the fact that I started to skip everything Gyaru-related on my tumblr and was pretty annoyed on my facebook with being confrontated with all this Gal-Stuff
Maybe it's just some strange happening right now that will vanish fast but maybe it's just a sign that I should move on and find something that seems more fun ^-^
I want to take a timeout from all the things to get a clear head about myself!
Somehow I don't feel comfortable for a long time now and that's nothing to keep moving for.
I'm not quiet sure if I will stop blogging, since there are so many interessting things out there to blog about ^-^
I hope you enjoy your week and weekend and have a lovely day ^-^


  1. Don't quit gyaru Rena! I have never commented in your blog but i really like you, you are such an inspiration!
    Well, at least don't stop bloging x.x You are beautiful and i'm sure you will fit well in any style you choose :(

  2. Wär cool wenn du trotzdem weiter bloggen würdest! : )
    & ich hoffe du hast bald wieder lust auf Gyaru!! <3

  3. das geht glaub ich jedem so in dieser 'community'
    ich weiß ja nicht was dir vorgefallen ist, aber ich kenn mich da selbst gut aus. man wird gedisst, beleidigt usw, selbst die familie, die wohl nichts mit gyaru zutun hat wird mit rein gezogen in den ganzen hass-mist den diese 'community' veranstaltet. schlimm ist nur, dass gerade aus/in deutschland der meiste zickenkrieg der gyarus abgeht.
    naja, bleibe stark, mach 'ne pause und sieh, was die spaß macht :3 ob gyaru oder nicht, hauptsache du fühlst dich gut