Sonntag, 15. September 2013

Birthday Party

Hi everyone ^^
After last weeks more serious post it's time to post about not so serious stuff again!
I went to my friend's birthday yesterday and her wish was that I look FULL Gyaru!
I was pretty stressed because I had no idea which style I should choose!
In the end I decided to wear my white GOLDS Infinity dress *^*
Also I took the chance to wear my new lenses *^*
Unfortunately I wasn't able to make photos of my outfit, but I made some of my outer wear -.-
Yeah I'm very smart..forgetting the most important stuff >_<
So here are some pictures:

My outer wear and hairstyle *^*

Me and my cute friend *^*
She is a really nice girl and sooo pretty :o

My friend cutting the cake *^* Such a beauty <3

My mobile phone's pictures ^-^ I don't really like pictures of me smiling but this is okay I guess XD

And my Canon Cam pictures of myself *^*
I really like the lenses *^* So happy that I got them!!

We had very much fun and we made some sushi *^*

So this was actually my post for today :)
I am writing a lens review on those beautiful blue lenses next week!
I hope you all have a nice week!


  1. Es sieht wie ein perfekter Tag aus, dein Styling ist echt toll :D

    Hoffentlich kommt bald mehr *__*

  2. du siehst traumhaft aus :) und deine freundin auch <:

  3. oh ich mag deine Haare und dein make up so gern ^u^
    da hab ich auch lust mich malwieder aufzubretzeln :D haha

  4. You have a gorgeous smile! <3 Looks like you had lots of fun. I'm glad you're back to updating again, I missed reading your blog ^__^

  5. Sparkling Future: Vielen,vielen Dank :) Es war wirklich ein super Tag und ich hoffe solche Tagen kommen jetzt öfters *^*
    Julia: Vielen Dank <3 Sie ist wunderschön, nicht?! *o*
    CookieCat: Vielen Dank <3 Jaaa tu das auf jedenfall! Sowas kann einem echt den Tag retten :)
    Pinkie: Thank you so much <3 I am really happy to hear that and I try to give my best :) Thank you for reading it haha I am very happy about it!!!! <3
    Jenny: vielen,vielen Dank <3