Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2013

I made it!

Hey cuties!
I have 3 weeks of holidays now and I have time to relax and take some care of myself T_T
It was a hard long road to this point and I am happy I did it!
Good news: I have a normal cam to make normal pictures!
They day I got it, I rushed to shoot some new pictures with my new lenses and eyelashes *^*
I had to try out every mode of my cam to look how it changed after the fix!
Also I had to try on my new Liz Lisa dress that I got myself for my birthday *^*
Here are some pictures:

I am not that disappointed with the results, but the quality changed and I can feel it :(
Since I've got a new phone to my birthday (Samsung Galaxy S4) I couldn't resist to make some selfies *^*
Unfortunately the quality sucks hard on the frontcam! -.-
It's blurry and looks bad, but sometimes I am lucky enough to have not that blurry pictures!

I tried to make the pictures less blurry because I actually liked them pretty much :(
It's really sad that my new mobile phone's cam has a worse quality than the one from my old phone :(
Right now I am very sick again (damn flu!!) and can't do much T_T
I was planning to do a contouring tutorial for beginners, because I recently started to practice contouring more and more.
after a few weeks I think my results are pretty good for a beginner level and I wanted to share with you how I do it.
So when I stop being Rudolph the Reindeer (because of my red nose T_T) I will definitely make one ^-^
It helped me so much to see some makeup tuts and especially pictures of how to start with it like this:

It really IS pretty hard to figure out what suits you the best and what products you should use etc. but the results after you finally got it right are worth the work!
SO I guess that's it for today!
I am going to lie in my bed and get better ASAP ^-^
Happy Holidays, everyone! Enjoy this time!

Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

Time to blog again ^-^

Hi everyone!
I had a REALLY rough time the last couple of weeks!
It felt like I was the unluckiest girls in the world T_T
First I had computer issues, then my cam broke and my mobile phone is nearly completely broken, too!
I got stress in school and personal issues..
Also I was really sick and had a surgery(jaw bone because of my teeth xD) >_<
And the stress and unluck is still not over :(
Eventhough I had the time to dye my hair ^-^
I received some cheap extensions that had a different color than I ordered...they were RED!
Not dark red or brownish-red...they were really bright red...
As I didn'T want to waste money I decided to dye them ^-^
Eventhough the result isn't as I hoped for, I am really satisfied with it ^-^
Here are some pictures:

I look a little bit strange since my mobile phone has a really bad cam recently :( so sorry!
The red is not a s bright as in the's more a brownish red in real life ^-^
What do you think about the color? ^-^
Also I found time to make a lighter gyaru makeup again and try sujimori on my hair
Though I couldn't make pictures of my failed sujimori attempt :(

I have sooo much work to do T_T
A couple of makeup tutorials and coords for GALVIP are still to shoot and I can't get used to the cam...
If you haven't seen the latest issues of GALVIP you can see HERE!
Unfortunately I had problems so only my 3 Fall Coords survived my computer break down T_T
So that's it for now! ^-^
I am very sorry that I couldn't blog for so long but I try to keep it up!
Have a nice weekend everyone!!