Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

Time to blog again ^-^

Hi everyone!
I had a REALLY rough time the last couple of weeks!
It felt like I was the unluckiest girls in the world T_T
First I had computer issues, then my cam broke and my mobile phone is nearly completely broken, too!
I got stress in school and personal issues..
Also I was really sick and had a surgery(jaw bone because of my teeth xD) >_<
And the stress and unluck is still not over :(
Eventhough I had the time to dye my hair ^-^
I received some cheap extensions that had a different color than I ordered...they were RED!
Not dark red or brownish-red...they were really bright red...
As I didn'T want to waste money I decided to dye them ^-^
Eventhough the result isn't as I hoped for, I am really satisfied with it ^-^
Here are some pictures:

I look a little bit strange since my mobile phone has a really bad cam recently :( so sorry!
The red is not a s bright as in the's more a brownish red in real life ^-^
What do you think about the color? ^-^
Also I found time to make a lighter gyaru makeup again and try sujimori on my hair
Though I couldn't make pictures of my failed sujimori attempt :(

I have sooo much work to do T_T
A couple of makeup tutorials and coords for GALVIP are still to shoot and I can't get used to the cam...
If you haven't seen the latest issues of GALVIP you can see HERE!
Unfortunately I had problems so only my 3 Fall Coords survived my computer break down T_T
So that's it for now! ^-^
I am very sorry that I couldn't blog for so long but I try to keep it up!
Have a nice weekend everyone!!


  1. hübsch siehst du aus! Tut mir Leid wegen deinem PC :/

    1. Vielen Dank <3 Ach das geht schon wieder..ENDLICH *^*

  2. Tut mir Leid, für das ganze Negative, was du zur Zeit durchmachst .__.
    Aber du siehst so hübsch aus! Das mit dem Rot ist toll!

  3. Omg ! Luckily that red goes well with your hair… Must've been a nightmare receiving the wrong ones! You look great with them though :D

    Hopefully you'll have a less stressful week <3 I've been stressed a lot too ;_; <3

    1. HAha yes I was shocked when I opened the package and there were bright red extensions T_T I was quiet desperate in the first moment :/ But I am so happy it works out so well *^* <3