Montag, 4. November 2013

Community problems? My point of view on gaijin gyaru community

HI everyone!
Today I just wanted to write about a more serious topic:
The Gaijin Gyaru community!
I've read so many negative things about the community that I really have to say a few things!
1st thing:
Stop blaming the community!
Many girls who are new to gal are scared of secrets and negative statements.
Well that's a fear I can share! I also was scared, when I debuted in gal over one year ago!
BUT it's not okay to say "The community is mean, they will only hurt me and make fun of me!" just because you know there is the possibility that someone can make secrets about you!
If you're not sure about yourself and you're open to constructive criticism you can post in daily_gyaru or in the facebook groups and ask for tips!
I've NEVER had the experience that someone was made fun of, because he wasn't that far!
Many gals try to help you and give you tips and I try to do it aswell!

2nd thing:
If someone tells you nicely how to improve don't get bitchy!
All what we want is to help you! Of course you're maybe just not that good with makeup or hair or anything, but that's what the community is for: HELPING each other!
Personally, I had some really bitchy and rude reactions when I tried to give tips!
I don't think anyone wants to be mean to you or insult you in any way, so don't get angry and try to make it better next time!
It's not a flaw of the community that YOU are not (yet) perfect ^^ (I know it sounds harsh and rude but I just can't find any other words and I am sorry if I hurt somebody with my statements :c)

3rd thing:
So secrets are a main thing why the community seems sooooo bad!
Honestly said I have the feeling that only a FEW people post secrets!
And how can we be sure that they are even part of the community?
The thing is, that we can't be 100% sure who posts this shit about us and the best way is to avoid sites like g_s and do your thing!
I enjoy a calmer life since I don't care about secrets anymore and you should, too!
So PLEASE stop saying that secrets are made from the community! There are also non-gals who could look through the gaijin gyaru tag on tumblr and write something mean! I bet 90% of the gaijin gyarus in the community don't even have time to write secrets!

4th thing:
There are people who don't like you everywhere
Even in school, on work or else where, there are people YOU don't like and people who just don't like you!
Get over it, you can't be everybody's sweetheart!
I, personally just don't like some girls and I don't have any contact with them, that's all!
Even if they would write me I wouldn't be bitchy or anything, maybe I would learn to like them, the more I get to know them ^-^
If someone make you feel like he doesn't like you then just don't pay attention to that person and don't blame the community for it!

My personal experience with the community is good!
I met so many beautiful girls, who I can talk to and who are just lovely sweethearts *^* (especially since I am a part of GALVip *^* It's like a huge family, everyone helps you out *^*)
I think it's not fair to blame the community for this!
Of course there are some negative sides, especially with more famous gals! But it's not like this normally and there are jealous people everywhere :C

Also I just wanted to say thank you to all those lovely people who made my life a little bit sweeter!
I really don't regret getting into gal <3
This post wasn't meant to offend anyone! It's just my view on the GG Community!
Also some examples for a nice and helping community are GYARU LOVERS a german GAL Community and Diamant Rose a french GAL unit!
I think you can see how awesome they support each other ^-^
I just like to think back to meeting some gals a couple of months ago *^*

It was SO much fun!
So that's for it! Just told what I have to tell :D
Hope you have a nice week!!


  1. One of the big problems of the community is that it is SO online based :/
    That makes the bad parts of it stand out so much. Plus, wearing gyaru only to take pictures online is a very big, but almost meaningless, effort.

    Most sucessful gaijin gyaru have a local community to hang out and give advice and stick together. I think that's the secret, having friends who like the same things and make a circle or something xD

  2. I find it a very good thing that you wrote down your thoughts on this issue, and I completely agree with you. Keep doing what you're doing~! <3
    And btw, meeting you was so much fun~ I really hope we can meet again soon *^*

  3. I'm totally agree with you blogpost. It's not the community who's bad, it's just some person. We can speak a lot for the reason who the person do bad things.
    I'm so sad sometimes to see person who live her passion in link with this bad person. You need to live your passion for gyaru fashion for you not another.

    A good gyaru need a good gyaru to accept the criticism, it's first quality to have. It's not easy, It's the feeling to hurt you. But it's not against, it's for !
    That's only the things what new gals need to hear.

    Thank you for the nice message about our French Gal Unit. That's really so nice. Thankkk youuuu !! Kisses <3 <3