Sonntag, 3. November 2013

This took FOREVER!

Hi cuties! <3
FINALLY I found time to blog!
I have had a very good time in Italy, where I visited Pisa, Firenze and Viareggio with my class.
We had a small hotel in Montecatini Terme and it was a very nice trip to learn something about Italy *^*
Before I went to Italy, I cut my hair pretty short!
I had to say goodbye to 15 cm of hair due to the damage I got from all the hairdyes :(
Here's a picture of my recent real-hair style:

This was the day I just arrived in Italy after a 14-hours over-night drive in the bus T_T
After Italy I visited my boyfriend for a week and after this my misfortune began...
I received a set of hair extensions that was not the way I thought it would be:
It was so disappointing for me :c
Also the color was way too dark, eventhough I ordered a mid-brown, I got a dark-brown :(
But's something! :D
I could find use of those overpriced, nearly not existing extensions and used them for the trip to the sushi restaurant!
Here's a picture of my makeup and hair this time:

But that's not all!
I bought a ma*rs replica set and a agejo-styled dress, too!
And guess what? The ma*rs replica set was too small for my bust..I just could squeeze them into this little thing XD
Also the dress got lost somewhere and I was really sad because I really really liked it!
Well now I fit into the ma*rs replica set and the dress is already on the way to me again *^*
Of course I had to take pictures of my set yesterday with a lend cam, since mine is broken -.-

That's somehow the news for now!
I will have to work a lot on the GAL VIP Assignment this time as long as I have a good cam!
I would love to blog more often from now on and I will try to take my time for it!
Everyone, have a nice weekend and week!


  1. Awh you look lovely in that MA*RS dress! <3 It's a shame that the set was too small for your bust though ;_; <3

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  3. I really like your second picture! Looks so casually nice :3